Your 2019 New Year’s Resolution: Improve Guest Experience to Increase Repeat Visits

Your 2019 New Year’s Resolution: Improve Guest Experience to Increase Repeat Visits

It’s a new year, filled with new hopes and dreams, and a time we make resolutions for ourselves to improve both personally and professionally. What about New Year’s resolutions for our restaurants? How would we like our restaurants to improve in the next year? Chew on this: A study found that 60% of guests said a positive experience will cause them to dine at the restaurant more frequently. Also, researchers found that if you can bring back 5 percent of your customer base in a variety of industries, it could result in a surge in revenue of 25 percent to 125 percent. Imagine your bottom line if more than 5 percent of your guests became repeat visitors?!

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Sharing Our Perspective: Top Blog Posts from April – June 2017

We designed to be a go-to source for issues and trends impacting the foodservice industry for restaurant owners and operators. One way in which we share the latest industry news is through our blog, Perspectives.

Perspectives is designed to provide you with insights on topics ranging from foodborne illness outbreaks, to building a strong food safety program, to ways to enhance the guest experience. It’s a place where we share news that you can use each and every day.

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Where Are the Germs Hiding In Your Restaurant?

Your commitment to cleanliness is the cornerstone of your guests’ experience. In fact, according to data from Technomics[1], a restaurant’s cleanliness is one of the top attributes your guests value and one that either keeps or deters them from dining with you again. Cleanliness is also a critical aspect of your restaurant’s food safety program. This means the overall cleanliness of your restaurant not only affects your bottom line, but your restaurant’s reputation as well.  

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Our Top Blog Posts from January – March 2017

We launched in March of 2016 with the vision of sharing timely and relevant information, and also interacting and engaging with restaurant owners and operators. We wanted a place where the industry could share their thoughts, and perspective on industry trends and news.

One way we set out to accomplish this goal was by launching our blog Perspectives. Perspectives is designed to provide insights on topics ranging from foodborne illness outbreaks, to building a strong food safety program, to ways to enhance the guest experience.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 blog posts from the first quarter of this year.

  1. Make a Clean and Lasting Impression
  2. What Impact Does Norovirus Have on Your Restaurant?
  3. The Future Looks Bright for Food Safety: The Cultivation of Human Norovirus Has Been Achieved

365 Days and Counting of

It's hard to believe, but it has more than a year since was launched. The site, which is sponsored by GOJO, was developed with the vision of being your go-to source for food safety information – delivering timely information on building, maintaining and enhancing your restaurant’s food safety program. From blog posts to bulletins on the state of the industry and norovirus prevention, we believe this vision has become a reality.

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Guest Data Helps Restaurants to Deliver on the Guest Experience

As a restaurant owner or operator your main goal is to provide an experience in your restaurant that keeps guests coming back. Yet, there can be challenges to creating a strong guest experience and building customer loyalty as competition increases throughout the industry. So how can you overcome these challenges? How can you set your restaurant apart from the others?

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Make a Clean and Lasting Impression

You never have a second chance to make a first impression, and for restaurants that initial impression is made the moment a guest walks through the front door.

Cleanliness plays a key role in how your restaurant is seen by guests. In fact, oftentimes guests see the front of the house as a reflection of the kitchen. So, if your lobby, dining area or restrooms are dirty, then it is assumed the kitchen is dirty as well.

According to an article in Restaurant Owner, you can have stellar service and great food but if your restaurant isn’t spotless, you could lose repeat customers. So, how can you help to make front-of-the-house cleaning part of your daily cleaning practices?

First and foremost, it is important to remember that cleaning is not an event, but an ongoing activity in a restaurant. While at home, you may have a designated cleaning day or timeframe, like the annual Spring Cleaning, but in a restaurant setting, cleaning must be done on a consistent, on-going basis each and every day. Some industry experts suggest including a component of daily cleaning in job descriptions for staff members; this way everyone plays an important role in keeping the restaurant clean.

Also, experts advise that being busy is not an excuse for not having a clean restaurant. Remember to clean as you go and to make sure the dining room, lobby and restrooms are always at their best. Finally, it is helpful to have a schedule that outlines daily, weekly, monthly and annual cleaning tasks that need to be accomplished. The larger tasks, such as those done on a monthly or annual basis, can also be done by a professional cleaning company, which can help to take some of the cleaning burden off of your front-of-house staff.

Guests notice the difference between a restaurant that is committed to cleanliness and one that is not. Shouldn’t your restaurant be one that stands out and keeps guests coming back?



Is Your Restaurant Considered Clean?

We have all heard the phrase, “cleanliness is next to godliness.” And for the foodservice industry, it could easily be, “cleanliness is next to success,” The cleanliness of you restaurant has a huge impact not only on your restaurant’s bottom line, but your guests’ overall experience as well.
So how can you ensure your restaurant’s cleanliness is meeting and possibly exceeding your guests’ expectations? There are specific signs of a clean restaurant. Does your restaurant exhibit all nine?

View the infographic, "9 Top Signs of a Clean Restaurant" to find out >