Why Do We Need Spill Kits?

A comprehensive body fluid spill kit is one of the most important tools food safety teams can include as a part of their overall risk management plans. The benefits outweigh the relatively minor costs of including response kits as a part of an organization’s protocols. There are three main reasons why organizations should seriously consider investing in body fluid spill kits.

First, body fluid spill kits help organizations manage outbreak risk. We now know that body fluids like vomit and blood can carry foodborne and bloodborne pathogens like hepatitis and Norovirus. These pathogens are often contagious and can spread quickly. They can survive on hard surfaces like door knobs or countertops for days, up to weeks. These factors create a current and future outbreak risk to employees, customers and guests. An outbreak of a communicable disease can result in employee or customer claims, reduced productivity, and reputation damage. A response kit with disinfectants rated to kill the most common pathogens can help to reduce the risk of an outbreak, helping operators avoid these outcomes.

Secondly, a compliant body fluid spill kit can help an organization standardize its response to body fluid incidents. This is important for a few reasons. Comprehensive body fluid spill kits will include a full set of instructions so that team members know how to properly respond to body fluid incidents, including safe disposal procedures. A spill kit will also ensure that team members use effective components as opposed to whatever happens to be available. Finally, a properly-stocked spill kit will include a complete set of personal protective equipment for team members, intended to help reduce the risk that employees will unknowingly cross contaminate other surfaces after a spill is complete. Without a standardized approach, team members will improvise when unplanned events occur which will likely lead to incomplete or incorrect methods for properly cleaning up body fluid spills.

Lastly, a fully-stocked body fluid spill kit will include everything team members need when seconds count. The ability to reduce risk and properly respond is strengthened if instructions and supplies are readily available. Hunting for disinfectants, clean up tools and other items can distract from protecting customers and other employees. Fully-stocked body fluid spill kits eliminate any questions related to the efficacy of any component or whether they are available in sufficient quantities. A comprehensive kit is an ideal way to simplify an organization’s approach to an any unplanned event involving body fluid spills.

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