Our Top Blog Posts from January – March 2017

We launched FoodSafeTruth.com in March of 2016 with the vision of sharing timely and relevant information, and also interacting and engaging with restaurant owners and operators. We wanted a place where the industry could share their thoughts, and perspective on industry trends and news.

One way we set out to accomplish this goal was by launching our blog Perspectives. Perspectives is designed to provide insights on topics ranging from foodborne illness outbreaks, to building a strong food safety program, to ways to enhance the guest experience.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 blog posts from the first quarter of this year.

  1. Make a Clean and Lasting Impression
  2. What Impact Does Norovirus Have on Your Restaurant?
  3. The Future Looks Bright for Food Safety: The Cultivation of Human Norovirus Has Been Achieved