Bringing You Food Safety Trends and Information in the New Year!

We're committed to the continued delivery of timely and relevant information on food safety best practices and insights on foodborne illnesses, and look forward to providing more of the latest topics and trends impacting the foodservice industry throughout 2018. Before we kick off a new year of topics though, let’s have a quick reflection on these very relevant posts covered last year,

From myths to foodborne illness risks, health inspection and germs to are our top 5 posts from 2017:

  1. Debunking the Most Common Food Safety Myths
  2. What Do Sanitarians Look for During a Health Inspection?
  3. Top 5 Risk Factors for Foodborne Illness
  4. Handwashing: Cool Water as Effective as Hot for Removing Germs
  5. Where Are the Germs Hiding in Your Restaurant?