Navigating the Landscape to Select the Right Surface Sanitizer for Your Restaurant

Food safety - it’s top of mind for all restaurant owners. But with numerous components of a strong food safety program to consider, it can be difficult for restaurant owners and operators to focus on all areas at all times. 

We know that surface sanitizing and cleaning is a critical component of a solid and effective food safety program. However, with numerous options on the market today, it can be challenging to select the right surface sanitizing and cleaning product that not only meets the needs of the Food Code, but kills common foodborne pathogens, like Norovirus, and meets the needs of your restaurant’s workers and guests as well.

In our latest bulletin, “Navigating the Landscape to Select the Right Surface Sanitizer,” we take a closer look at the ever-changing food safety landscape and the important role surface sanitizing plays in helping to reduce the spread of foodborne illness in a foodservice environment. We also share a list of questions, focused on efficacy, safety profile and sustainability, you should consider when selecting a surface sanitizing option for your restaurant. 

Download the latest bulletin - Navigating the Landscape to Select the Right Surface Sanitizer