5 Business Costs of Norovirus Outbreaks

We all know that a norovirus outbreak could have a significant impact on your restaurant. Yet, what is the true cost if an outbreak should occur? Our friends at OSHAKits.com put together this list of the Top 5 Business Costs of a Norovirus Outbreak.

  1. Reputation Damage
    Word, like the norovirus, spreads quickly. News of a norovirus outbreak can lead to lost business and require a significant marketing investment to regain lost consumer trust.
  2. Store Closings
    When a store is temporarily closed following a norovirus outbreak, companies lose sales, and often still incur operating costs. Delays associated with decontamination services and, in some cases, clearance from the health department can impact the bottom line in a meaningful way.
  3. Health Department Scrutiny
    Norovirus outbreaks can result in more frequent oversight by local and state health departments charged with public safety. Additional compliance burdens can create lower productivity and bring additional costs.
  4. Decontamination Services
    Decontamination services performed by professional service firms can be expensive and disruptive. Because norovirus spreads easily and survives on most hard surfaces, comprehensive decontamination efforts can be intrusive.
  5. Foodborne Illness Litigation
    A norovirus outbreak can affect hundreds of customers and employees before the pathogen is properly contained. Food litigation lawsuits are increasingly common and can result in costly settlements.