The Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Spill Kit Vendor

We all know that spill kits are an important part of your restaurant’s food safety and risk management program. Yet, not all spill kits are the same, making it important for you to ask your spill kit vendor some very specific questions. The following is our recommended list of the Top 5 questions you should ask.

  1. Are there any components of your spill kit that are intended for multiple clean ups?
    All spill kit components should be thrown away after a cleanup. Any items that are re-used for additional spills can cross contaminate other surfaces as they are moved and stored in other locations. Expiry should be managed separately.
  2. Is the disinfectant safe for use on food-contact surfaces?
    For effective clean up, make sure the disinfectant included in the spill kit is food-contact safe. Otherwise, food-contact surfaces will need to be rinsed with water after clean up, which makes the clean-up process longer.
  3. Is the disinfectant included formulated to kill norovirus, E. coli and salmonella?
    Disinfectants are different and vary widely in terms of the pathogens they are effective against and the time required to treat a spill. The disinfectant should specifically state which pathogens it kills, the time it takes to kill those pathogens and its EPA toxicity category.
  4. Are the instructions bilingual, and do they include pictures?
    When seconds count, it’s important that your employees have a set of instructions to follow that are intuitive, accessible and effective. Instructions printed on fluid-resistant paper with step-by-step pictures or images are best. Spanish instructions and pictures should come standard for those employees for whom English isn’t a first language.
  5. Can I customize the kit to fit my needs?
    A supplier’s standard spill kit may not be the best option for your organization. You may determine that additional or alternate items should be included to fully address internal objectives. Your spill kit provider should be willing to meet with you to gain a better understanding of your needs and develop a solution that is optimized for your purposes.

Source: developed this list of questions; the team selected the top five restaurant owners/operators should consider.