Cleanliness is the Difference

As a restaurant owner and operator, you want your restaurant to stand out. Exceptional food and service help to create a great guest experience, but one component of the dining experience that also has an impact is cleanliness.

According to data from Technomics[1], a restaurant’s cleanliness is one of the top attributes your guests value and one that either keeps or deters them from dining with you again. Cleanliness is also a critical aspect of your restaurant’s food safety program. This means the overall cleanliness of your restaurant not only affects your bottom line, but your restaurant’s reputation as well.  

It is important for your guests to experience a clean and inviting environment the moment they step through your restaurant’s door. This means making sure the exterior of the building is neat and tidy. It also means your lobby and entryway is pristine. This includes clean windows and floors and a well-painted and well-maintained waiting area.

This experience then carries through to the dining area. First, be sure to have clean tables and floors. When cleaning the tables, use a surface cleaner and sanitizer designed specifically for the food service industry that quickly and effectively removes germs on surfaces. Also, be sure to clean menus and other objects that guests frequently touch. 

Then there are the restrooms. Make sure these are cleaned frequently and the soap and paper towel dispensers are full. Speaking of soap dispensers, they play a key role in reducing the spread of illness-causing germs. For example, touch-free dispensers allow for portion-controlled dispensing and easy access to hand hygiene products. Also, look for soaps that are factory sealed. These types of refills help lock out germs and help protect the health of washroom users. 

You want your guests to have the best experience possible while dining with you, and the cleanliness of your restaurant helps to create that experience, and could be one of the reasons they dine with you again.

[1] Consumer Brand Metrics, Technomics 2016