What Poses the Highest Risk for Foodborne Illness?

As a restaurant owner/operator, food safety is paramount to your business. You have processes and procedures in place to help ensure your restaurant does not fall victim to a foodborne illness outbreak. Yet, do you know what factors pose the highest risk for foodborne illness, and, are therefore, of top concern to restaurant inspectors? According to the County of Orange California Health Care Agency on the topic of Foodborne Illness, the following are the Top 5:

  • Purchasing food from unsafe sources
  • Failing to cook food adequately
  • Holding food at incorrect temperatures
  • Using contaminated equipment
  • Practicing poor personal hygiene and employees coming to work sick

So, how can your restaurant overcome these challenges? A strong food safety program is the answer. Check out the FoodSafeTruth.com resource section for tools, downloads and information to help you build a checklist and ensure you have the components for an effective program.

Find out more about Food Safety at the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.