The Most Common Food Safety Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Even though food safety is top of mind for those working in the foodservice industry, there are challenges. And, some of these challenges are often associated with basic food safety practices.

According to research conducted by Steritech, the most common food safety challenge for both casual dining and quick service restaurants is cleanliness of food contact surfaces. In fact, both types of restaurants share the same Top 5 challenges, which also include proper sanitizing, cold holding, condition of food contact surfaces and chemical labeling. So how can a restaurant overcome these challenges?

Food Safety in the Food Service Industry
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A strong food safety program is the answer. And, now is the time for restaurant owners, operators and managers to re-evaluate their own food safety programs. In our bulletin, “Where Do We Go From Here? A Look at Food Safety in the Foodservice Industry Today,” we take a closer look at the components of a strong food safety program – components that will help any restaurant to overcome even the most difficult of food safety challenges.