Building a Culture of Cleanliness

According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Americans are twice as likely to get food poisoning from food prepared at a restaurant than food prepared at home.  With this in mind, it is critical for restaurant owners and operators to ensure they are doing everything they can to demonstrate to their guests food safety is a priority. And one way to do this is by promoting a culture of cleanliness.

A culture of cleanliness is one that is embraced by the entire organization – from corporate down to the unit level. It is a culture where food safety is a priority and not simply something “on which we should be focusing.” It’s a culture where an investment has been made in food safety – ensuring the proper protocols are in place, committing to continued education on food safety and investing the time and money to ensure that processes and protocols are being executed properly. 

Food safety is non-negotiable, so promoting a culture of cleanliness is critical to the health of your guests, employees and the restaurant itself. Ways to incorporate this culture into your operations include:

  1. Ongoing training about food safety and foodborne illnesses
  2. Handwashing posters placed throughout the back of the house to remind employees to wash their hands at key moments throughout the work day
  3. Developing systems to make sure foods are handled and stored properly
  4. Making an alcohol-based hand sanitizer available for both guests and employees
  5. Use of proper cleaners that both sanitize and clean surfaces

What are some ways you build a culture of cleanliness?